Tuesday 7 April 2020

Some sea movement

As the new government guidelines permit some travel to local exercise areas, we will resume including some resident sightings in areas of relatively easy access.

Most of this morning's records from Shaun's cycle circuit of the area.
Heysham Harbour
Artic Skua dark morph in at 11:15.
Common Scoters 2 male feeding near wooden jetty then flew into the bay.
Red-Throated Diver 2 drifted in on the tide.
Sandwich Tern 1
Rock Pipit pair + single
Thanks for picture Kevin

Heysham Nature Reserve
Chiffchaff  7
Blackcap 3
WIllow warbler 2
All above singing.
Great SpottedWoodpecker drumming
Sparrowhawk 1 female.
Jay pair
First Orange Tip of year - thanks Janet

Middleton Nature Reserve
Chiffchaff  4
Blackcap 3
WIllow warbler 5
Cetti's warbler 3
All above singing

Red Nab area
Rock pipits 2
Linnet 4
Picture from Kevin

Heysham skeer - low waterf
Shag 1. First record for some while and almost missed it.

Great Crested grebe 6
Red-breasted Merganser 8
Eider 50+

This Herring gull has just grabbed a starfish. They only peck out the guts and leave the body and legs.

And, finally, for those of you who think you have to watch Blue Planet to see unusual fish. This is an angler fish. They settle into the mud leaving only the eyes and open gape showing. They then grab anything unfortunate enough to wander within range. This one haa been caught out by the high speed the water goes out on these spring tides. It was barely alive, I returned it, but didn't fancy its chances.

Hoist by its own petard!