Friday 15 May 2020


Swift 3 seen by Janet flying north - a bit late, but first reported record this year.

Middleton Nature Reserve - mid afternoon
Mute Swan - the additional 17 birds are still on the main pond, fortunately the resident female is back on the nest.
Coot 3
Gadwall 1 male plus 1 pair
Little Grebe - 1 adult heard on both the main pond and the "no swimming" pond. 1 adult with 3 chicks on the Tim Butler pond.
The adult Little grebe with three chicks in the margins - the chick on the right looks like it's going to be a tearaway! (MD)

Green Sandpiper 1 flew from the Tim Butler pond towards Heysham Moss.

Four- spotted chaser - just this one

Broad- bodied chaser 3
This male looks to be mature from the side view

But back view shows it to be not quite mature 

Sea watch on incoming tide early evening - Bill Martin
Pomarine Skua 2 high flying
Arctic Skua 1 low

No 2 outflow - early evening
This pale/clean underwinged bird proved too difficult for me to confirm identity (MD). But expert (not me) analysis of this and other images has confirmed that it is a Mediterranean Gull, but one with no discernible face mask. One to watch out for.