Wednesday, 21 July 2010

2441 influx & seabird array

Heysham Obs
Time to get a little geeky as the huge backlog of hut trap moth records are put on MapMate.  The easiest way is to remember the individual (Bradley and Fletcher)numbers, so 2441 refers to Silver Y, a migrant moth of which there was a small influx in the overnight torrential rain.  This sort of weather often produces a few migrant moths, especially if the wind is southwesterlyish

North wall early morning (Mike Baron)
Arctic Skua - dark morph chasing juv Common Gull (both quite early for here in 'autumn'
Sandwich tern - 1
Razorbill - one - scarce in July
Gannet - 1

Thanks for these Mike

Middleton NR
Kingfisher - hovering over the central marsh pond, caught something or other, then flew towards the fence pond
Reed Warbler - 3 singing males