Thursday, 6 February 2020

Merlin works wonders, and.......good news!

Rock Pipit with sea slater at harbour mouth - thanks Kevin

Merlin 1 male - spooking the knot this am leading to a chunk landing on Near Naze with one Dutch flags, one Formby Pt flag and two Icelandic flags read

Heysham skeer low water 16:00
Pale-bellied Brent goose - 65 originally feeding in the bay just east of conger rock (this bay is just to the left of C ref 3/2/20 post). They later moved to the drain fed pool on skeer (D).
Eider c20
And the good news......
Shag 1 resting on rock on south side, before flying off south.

Not much of a picture, but good to see the recent diesel spill didn't drive it away from the area (or worse). Presuming, of course, that it is the same long staying bird.