Tuesday 2 August 2016

Welcome Spotted Redshank

Heysham Obs
A funny fairly lengthy check of the outfalls/Red Nab on the incoming tide - couldn't find any adult or 3CY Med Gulls!   Doubled checked that it was not an inadequacy at checking head-on easterly wind gulls (more used to tail-on!) and could only find 2 x juv and one x 2CY Med amongst 850 Black-headed Gulls. 

A look down the incoming tideline towards the Lune Estuary was similarly disappointing with just 8 pristine adult Grey Plover which soon flew off, leaving 'just' Oystercatcher and Curlew.

A switch to Ocean Edge saltmarsh saw a pale blotchy bird with the pre-roost Redshank which materialised as an almost moulted adult Spotted Redshank - a really nice record for here.  It flew towards Potts Corner with about half the Redshank but well worth looking for this next few days

A fairly major ringing operation was slightly better than 'the day after it all happened', but the grand total from 9 nets was pretty well the same as from three yesterday and was supplemented by a decent arrival of 14 unringed Greenfinch next to Heysham NR office and highlighted by three Garden Warbler (two Middleton and one Heysham)

Outfalls/Ocean Edge area
Med Gull - 2 x juv, 1 x 2CY
Whimbrel - 1
Spotted Redshank - 1 adult
Grey Plover - 8

61 new birds, but rather different composition to yesterdays warbler fest.   New birds included:  Whitethroat (9), Lesser Whitethroat (2), Garden Warbler (3), Blackcap (3), Reed Warbler (1), Sedge Warbler (1), Willow Warbler (6), Chiffchaff (2), Grasshopper Warbler (1),  Greenfinch (14), Goldfinch (4)

Least Yellow Underwing and Canary Shouldered Thorn were added to the year list and a check of yesterdays total saw Grass Emerald and Barred Rivulet notable