Saturday, 25 January 2020

Brent complete full circuit today

There was no odour of diesel at all today and still not any obvious sign of any damage. Hopefully we got away with it. We'll see.

Pale-bellied Brent goose - (MD). All the birsds seen today were pale- bellied. A full circuit of all the main feeding areas within the recording area were visited by the Brent, and there is nothing to suggest they won't follow a similar pattern tomorrow.
10:05: 55 flew in from the north past the wooden jettey towards Red Nab. Presumably they had been feeding out from children's play area till displaced by tide.
All 55 fed on Red Nab
Including the two Canadian ringed birds
10:45: They were displaced by the tide and all 55 flew to the partially covered salt marsh
They were still feeding there when I left at 11:15

14:00: Out from children's play area. The birds were waiting on the water for the outer rocks to become exposed. Two counts by different birders of 58 and 60
14:15: They moved in to feed amongst the rocks
14:40: By now the skeer was becoming exposed and all the birds flew there to continue feeding.

Middleton Nature Reserve - late afternoon
Barn owl - 15:15 one flew over the main pond bottom carpark towards the gun club.
Gadwall 37
Coot 2
Little grebe 1