Wednesday 27 December 2023

Wet, but not a complete washout

Constant rain throughout the morning, driven by a freshening SE wind. By afternoon the rain was more showery and the wind shifted to SW

South shore (MD)
A morning walk along the sea wall on the rising tide.
Pale-bellied Brent goose 16 - a group of 3 arrived and left separately.
Pink-Footed goose 51 - one flock flying low through the driving rain to the SE. They had a small "duck" in tow. 
Wigeon 200+
Red-breasted Merganser 3 - a pair on Red Nab plus a male in the harbour.
Male Red-breasted Merganser in the harbour 

Kittiwake - a single adult was seen on both outflows and inside the harbour, but probably just one mobile bird.
Shag 1 immature in the harbour. This clip begins with it between two Cormorants.

The Cormorants headed back to the wooden jetty, but the Shag just milled around in the middle of the harbour. It made no attempt to feed, so presumably it was already full. It is likely that it and the Cormorants had been feeding at the waterfall.
Rock Pipit 2 - sea wall and lighthouse 

We are back to spring tides now and Howard managed to read three colour coded Knot on the Near Naze yesterday. These are two of them.

Unfortunately, before Howard could check all the Knot someone disturbed them, just to get some in flight shots!

I was saving this next clip for a rainy day, and today is as good as any. Again, it is one prepared by Howard earlier this month on the Near Naze. It shows how the flag is free to move on the Knot's leg with the wave action. In this case the bird was ringed in Ireland.