Saturday 7 February 2015

Pinkfeet with two agendas and Cettis warbler obliging

Heysham Obs
Interesting early morning - so much for the dawn start of work!

Cetti's Warbler
Calling a lot and showing well from the boardwalk below the classroom - now it is in this area, this is a very 'user-friendly' bird despite not being a singing male (call similar to quiet Great-spotted Woodpecker 'chit')

Red-throated Diver - two offshore but very distant

Eider - c300 offshore

Pink-footed Goose
Absolute minimum of 2,100 heading distantly over the golf course towards fields to the north of Heysham Moss - whether any carried on is unknown but.............

450 + 71 + 390 definitely north-west over the office heading across the bay on the usual migratory route

Single Dotted Border and rather late Dark Chestnut in hut trap

Friday 6th February

Heysham Obs
Sorry someone else was going to do the posting yesterday!

Med Gull - Czech bird north wall
Skylark - one high to east
Red-throated Diver - at least 5 in Kent channel about 3 hours before high tide in a narrow temporal window on the incoming tide (hopeless at high tide at present)
Cetti's Warbler - probably heard at a distance by two people (independently) along the eastern side of the marsh but 'drowned' by loads of singing birds, noisy Goldfinches and drumming & displaying Great-spotted Woodpeckers