Sunday 5 August 2018

Anything but a Med

No-one mentioned Med Gulls today but there were plenty of other odds and ends

Ringing saw coverage of Middleton with 6 nets and Heysham office with 3 nets and about equal numbers of new birds at each site, with 114 new ones.  Highlights:

Cetti's Warbler - new juveniles were ringed in both the western and central marshes along with a different brood "1J" i.e. very recently out of the nest in the central marsh - nice CES captures in central marsh nets
Other warblers - 57 new ones ringed between the two sites:  Reed (5), Sedge (7), Lesser White (7), White (20), Garden  (1), Chiff (1), Willow (13) and Blackcap (3)
Tree Pipit - one ringed western marsh - the only one encountered
Great-spotted Woodpecker - juvenile ringed

Rock Pipit - at least two along half-moon bay shore
Shag - 2CY feeding in harbour