Saturday 16 December 2023

Plenty of Brent about

Somehow, it managed to stay dry, despite some threatening clouds. A SW wind freshened slightly.

Middleton Nature Reserve (JP, MD)
Mute Swan pair plus 7 immature 
Coot 5
Moorhen 4
Mallard 4
Gadwall 10 - 2 on main and 8 on "no swimming" pond which has now returned to its normal level.
Tufted Duck 2 male on "no swimming" pond.

Main pond Gadwall

The finches are taking advantage of the feeders
Goldfinch and Chaffinch

Goldfinch and Greenfinch 

Pale-bellied Brent goose 42
A quick look in passing from Knowlys Rd on the rising tide saw 34
Just as I arrived at Red Nab on the afternoon ebbing tide at least 28 landed from the south
But as I returned along the sea wall, as it was getting dark, 42 flew from Red Nab towards the west side of the bay.

Brent Geese heading west out from the wooden jetty

Also from the south wall this evening (MD)
Wigeon 250+ these are some of them leaving Red Nab
Eider 1 female/immature feeding at the seaward end of No.1 outflow. It appears to have a crab here.

Slightly unusual just seeing a solitary Redshank on No.1 outflow

The Manxman sails off into the sunset

A bit of raptor news from Angela Gillon:
Buzzard 1 in the trees at Imperial Road at lunchtime 
Kestrel 1 very low over the Barrows - these are only mobile phone shots but are perfectly good record and location shots.

Low over the Barrows on Heysham Head