Saturday 6 January 2018

Bits and repetitive bobs

The Chough has a habit of being awkward when it is dry and lots of birders are around so please don't "sit on it" if you come across it - it was apparently on the horse paddock area mid pm before Jeff had it presumably coming in to roost along the low cliff edge late afternoon

Any visiting anglers reading this.  Please note that the right hand sidebar asks birders to respect the fact you want to use the seawall for your hobby.  In return, please don't be pig ignorant and self-righteous like the anglers from elsewhere who blocked access along the seawall today - yes we know you 'got there first' but that is not the point.  All the transit van had to do was bring his mirror in to allow access, but the other vehicle required completely moving

Middleton NR
Mute 4 - no sign of juvenile. One pair on model boat pond and, bizarrely, one pair on "new" small ponds on western scrape.
Gadwall 12
Mallard 2
Tufted 1 (Tim Butler)
Teal c50
Moorhen 4
Water Rail 1
Heron 1
Common Snipe 1

Stock Dove 1 - flew from Golf club area across reserve in direction of Middleton (new for year)

Med Gull - adult on sea near Red Nab
Grey Heron - one roosting on wooden jetty
Pale-bellied Brent Geese - Red Nab on the incoming tide
Chough - see above - otherwise searched for in vain by quite a few
Stonechat - female near cafe
Red-throated Diver - one touring the harbour again - opportunity for an artistic shot!!
Cormorant - 87
Wigeon - c302