Thursday 21 May 2020

The calm before the storm......hopefully

Very little variable wind today, but it's expected to change in the morning with strong SW winds forecast. Meanwhile, there wasn't much happening today.

Rock Pipits still feeding young near lighthouse

Swift 2 north over Heysham Head

The following pictures from Kevin
Large Red Damselfy from Heysham Nature Reserve

Azure Damselfy and mature male Broad-bodied Chaser from small pond on the way to Red Nab

Heysham skeer low water 18:15
Great Crested Grebe 9
Little Egret 8
Eider 28
Apart from the Oystercatchers, there was literally only a hadful of other waders (five). So I decided to photograph them all. (MD)
Knot 1

Ringed plover 2

I felt like I'd interrupted something!

Sanderling 2 in summer plumage
They are both on this picture

There doesn't look like much nutrition in this tit bit