Thursday, 28 October 2021

The rain eases, and actually something to report! (Albeit not much)

South wind all day, some showers, but also plenty of gaps in the rain.

Middleton Nature Reserve mid morning (MD)
The initial objective was to remove a rope that was entangled around one of the cygnet's legs, thanks to Richard, Janet and Phil for turning up. All the mute came quickly to the water's edge to feed, but we couldn't tempt them out. But close up views of 18 cygnet legs eventually confirmed that the rope was no longer entangled. The reluctance of the, normally bold, mute to come out of the water, possibly suggesting that someone had already done this earlier to capture and free the entangled bird. Anyway, all 9 plus the 2 adult were fine.
Gadwall 8
Mallard 6
Little grebe 1 (first sighting for a few visits)
No Coot seen
Moorhen 8
Water Rail 3 at least

Redwing 15 in small groups (3,5,3 & 4) milling around
Cetti's warbler 1 - Tim Butler pond male singing
Goldcrest 1

South shore mid afternoon 
Mediterranean gull 2 adult on Red Nab - both on this clip with Black-Headed gulls plus feeding Wigeon.
Wigeon 83
Rock Pipit 2 - one on Red Nab, one on sea wall near No.1 outflow
Pintail 5 out
Distant Pintail through the rain
Shelduck 5 out, just behind the Pintail 

This Herring gull has a full crop!