Thursday, 11 August 2016

Minimal coverage

Heysham Obs
Not a lot to report today other than 4 x 1CY Meds on the seaward end of Heysham one and a 2CY on REd Nab = all well before high tide.  Moths included a Herald and two White-line Dart

Just been going through the historical north Lancs recoveries from the BTO site.  The first and third I didn't know about - the Blue Tit is odd as we were supposed to have caught it - wonder if it was deemed a misread at the time.  The Goldcrest remains the most inexplicable ringing recovery we have had from Heysham - never mind the odd movement, there are not usually any around by early May with the spring passage over by mid-April

T25440 Nestling 28-06-1985    Badbea, Helmsdale: 58°8'N 3°32'W (Highland)
Dead 22-01-1986    Heysham 460km   S  

DKC First-year Male 09-04-2001    Blavand Fuglestation, Oksbol: 55°33'N 8°4'E (Ribe) Denmark 
A28540 Caught by ringer 02-05-2001    Heysham Obs 725km   WSW  

Blue Tit
K274678 Nestling 01-06-1996  near Turnastone: 52°0'N 2°57'W (Herefordshire)
Caught by ringer 22-09-1997       Heysham 226 KM N