Monday, 25 January 2021

Another colour ringed Brent

Overnight frost, rain in the morning, then dry for the rest of the day with long sunny spells. Cool NW later west wind.

Mediterranean gull 1 adult on Red Nab, then later one behind the lunchtime ferry.

Middleton Nature Reserve 
The two adult and two juvenile mute have moved to the small patch of open water on the "no swimming" pond. The solo juvenile was on the main pond, but no sign of the third juvenile. All the ducks were on the main pond, presumably avoiding the swan feeders.
Gadwall 24
Shoveler 2
Mallard 6
Water Rail 1 calling.

Pale-bellied Brent goose - a check in passing from Knowlys Road at 10:00 saw 12 on the water just out from the play area.
A check in the corner at 16:00 found 42, including this adult with two white rings which is a new bird for the recording area.
Details awaited - and, yes, I was stood in the sea, the shore birds tend to ignore you when you are beyond the water line, within reason.

There haven't been many juvenile birds this year, but this one, behind the ringed bird, appeared to be accompanying it.

The two regular Red/Blue Canadian birds were also present
The unusual lighting is the from the sun setting behind me.