Thursday 8 July 2021

Well spread Meds

The west wind continues, a sunny start with a mainly cloudy afternoon.

South shore 
High water 11:15
Ringlet butterfly 5 along the path between the newt pond and Red Nab, by far the most common butterfly here at the moment.

Red Nab
Mediterranean gull 5 adult plus 1 x 2nd calendar year

Saltmarsh area
There were three roosting groups of gulls, mainly Black-Headed gulls. 50 on the marsh itself plus 40 and 230 on the mud out from the saltmarsh. The two smaller groups seemed to only BHG, but the large group included:
Mediterranean gull 4 adult plus 1 2nd calendar year.

c4 hours after high water
Rock Pipit  3 together on Red Nab, 1 near the lighthouse 
Mediterranean gulls - there is almost certainly some overlap with this morning's birds, but it does allow viewing options at different times in the tide.
Three and a half hours after high water the beach next to the wooden jetty starts to become exposed. There were no Meds there today at this time. But there were two adult plus a 2nd calendar year and a 3rd calendar year floating just out from the Harbour entrance. They were picking at something that at least appeared to be edible floating past them.
This is one of the adults plus the 3rd calendar year 

This is the 2nd calendar year bird

By this time the beach next to the wooden jetty was well exposed and there were 5 additional Mediterranean gulls along the water's edge when I left so at least 9 Meds on view.

It was nice to see, and hear, the Redshank are back. At least 8 near the wooden jetty.
Grey Seal 1

This is the newt pond near Red Nab. It was bath day for the Long-Tailed Tit family. I say bath, probably nearer a shower for this youngster.

Then a good drying.

Middleton Nature Reserve 
Pete managed to attract this Lunar Hornet moth with a pheromone lure.
Lunar Hornet moth