Monday 9 January 2023

More (quite a few more) of the same

A fresh wind varying between WSW and WNW. Reasonably dry after showers first thing.

Middleton Nature Reserve 
No sign of the Pochard today, other wildfowl pretty much as yesterday 
Two additional adult Mute Swan were flying around

South shore 
Well covered today, I had a walk along the wall to check the lunchtime ferry (MD). Mike Stocker checked in the afternoon. Pete and Jean watched the ferry in.
Pale-bellied Brent goose 35 were feeding on Red Nab on the rising tide but flushed by the tide before high water. They were back again when Mike checked later. I think they are all in this clip.

Rock Pipits 2

Kittiwake - Jean and Pete counted 23 behind the lunchtime ferry including 3 first winter (and, amazingly, I also managed to count 23 - I normally miss some). They left after the ferry berthed, but Mike saw c30 in the harbour again in the afternoon. 

Six Kittiwake behind the ferry

They are difficult to count accurately as they are very mobile. This is just a flavour
This adult flew right over my head as it was leaving

Adult Kittiwake 

Red-breasted Merganser 1 seen morning and afternoon 
Shag 1 in the harbour (Mike)