Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Razorbill a big surprise

Local patches often feature birds which the locals get excited about, but the big wide world thinks is no big deal, especially as in this case it was at least on the sea.  Razorbill in the harbour at this time of year is completely unprecedented - indeed, unlike the regular Guillemot, limited to just the occasional winter storm bird on its last legs

Inshore stuff
Little Gull - ad outfalls
Razorbill - in harbour - several different comments on age of this bird

 Med Gull - about 14 including a reappearance of German ASRE which we had thought had moved on

The less said about the triple ringing session, including the CES the better although it did include the autumn's first Grey Wagtail.   The office nets only caught one bird in addition to feeder fare - a Chiffchaff! 

Green Sandpiper - 1 Tim Butler pond

Ringing recoveries just received
Sedge Warbler
ADA2692           Juv            25/07/18              Middleton NR
Recaptured                        09/08/18              Squires Down (Dorset) 341 km S 15 days

NY22612            1st W F         26/10/17              Heysham NR
Killed by Sparrowhawk        07/08/18              Bolton (Gt. Manchester) 62 km SSE 285 days