Thursday, 3 September 2020

Still little moving along/over shoreline

 Quite brisk WSW winds, feeling cool. A couple of hours of sunshine in afternoon.

South shore (PM. MD)
Wheatear 1
Rock Pipit 3
Mediterranean gull - 15 out from Ocean Edge and on Red Nab, almost half (7) were juvenile c3 hours before high water.
Later there were two juvenile Meds on No.2 outflow
There were just 3 adult resting, not feeding, on the beach near the wooden jetty in the evening.

Heliport roost included 87 Turnstone

Middleton Nature Reserve (MD)
The sun came out for a couple of hours in the afternoon, still coolish though, but I thought I would see how the insects were faring.
The wildfowl was the same as yesterday, with the, unexpected, exception of one of the missing cygnets turning up on the "no swimming" pond with the single adult. Still one adult plus one cygnet unaccounted for.

Butterflies - amazingly the only species seen was Speckled Wood (quite a lot of them though). Amazing because there are plenty of Small Tortoiseshell and Small White on the shore.

Dragonflies - two species seen.
Common Darter 9
The population is looking aged though.
Migrant Hawker 3 male
Looking fresh!