Saturday, 9 May 2020

Bank Holiday break

 Traditionally everyone flocks to the sea on a warm bank holiday weekend. Today, as far as I am awaare, none of the regular observers check the sea. 

Most of today's records came from Middleton Nature Reserve. Obviously ringing is not an option at the moment so warbler movement can only be inferred, but based on the volume of noise this morning there were more Common Whitethroat and Sedge warbler than of late.
Nine warbler species were all seen and heard, but only glimpses seen of the 3 Cetti's warbler and 2 Grasshopper warblers heard.

Mute swan 3 pairs nesting plus 1 2nd calendar year 
Greylag 2 - these are regular visitors, but not tolerated by the male Mute
Coot 3
Moorhen 6
Mallard 1 + still with at least 14 chicks
Gadwall 2 males plus this pair
Doing an impression of Hilda Ogden's ducks - thanks Janet

Little Grebe 2 single birds feeding, hopefully their mates are sitting

All the regular damselfy species are suddenly everywhere
Four-spotted chaser 2
Broad-bodied chaser 3
Thanks Kevin

The only other records so far are from a quick check of lighthouse area late afternoon.
Rock pipit 1 visiting nest site, hopefully with food. Another bird, almost certainly not one of the breeding pair near waterfall.

Mother Shipton at least three in the scrub near lighthouse