Saturday 30 January 2021

It's getting cold again

A very cold NE wind with no sunshine made it feel colder than it was today.

First of all, I missed some of Janet's Cormorant pictures yesterday. I particularly like this one, so decided to post it today
Cormorant with a bass on the south sea wall.
Bass are really a warm water species, and only stay here over winter in the vicinity of the Power Station cooling waters. Even so they get sluggish if they move too far from the warmer water.

The only other stuff I have so far is my check of the saltmarsh in the morning (MD)
I was too early to watch the snipe being flushed by the rising tide, but there were:
Common Snipe 11
Lapwing 190
Ringed Plover 23
Grey Plover 2
Knot 3 (1+2 - this does seem to be the area for loners - I should know!)
Dunlin 36
Redshank 15

This Herring gull was paddling for earthworms on the caravan park grass. Quite a common feeding method, but you don't often get to see it at eye level.

The Norwegian ringed Oystercatcher has not been seen/reported since the ground froze on the Cricket field a week or so ago. Still no sign today