Monday 18 April 2022

Ring Ouzel

Very heavy overnight rain stopped quite early and the sun came out after lunch. Mainly light west winds.

Seawatch report from Pete:
Light morph skua in gaining height at quite a range this am but could only have been Arctic on size and structure.  
Four summer plumage  Red throated Diver out soon afterwards then nothing at all for next hour or so except a Golden Plover flying out 

Tim had a walk along the south wall
Sandwich Tern 3 together flew past the roundhead 
Goldcrest 2 near the newt pond 

Ring Ouzel 1 female in the horse paddocks at Knowlys Rd. It was just opposite the children's play area. located at 12:30 by Pete Crooks.
I was busy today (MD), and so had been Alan Physick. Coincidentally it was almost 17:00 before we both turned up to try and relocate. Alan spotted it first, still in line with the play area, but it kept disappearing below dips and behind bushes. It eventually showed well enough for me to manage this clip. Sorry about the background noise, but we were on the busy track and the play area was full.

Female Ring Ouzel
It was still in the same area at 20:00 ref Angela