Friday, 8 February 2019

Flag-free Knot

At least 400 x 2 legs were seen clearly today on the heliport but no leg flags.  Second prize was a couple of Scottish colour-ringed Oystercatcher - full details soon

Tomorrows westerly should have enough wave action clearing most of the seawall of birds and a high enough (mid-afternoon) tide to send more Knot within viewing range on the seawall top or heliport hard standing.

Guillemot - one out
Meadow Pipit - 2
Jack Snipe - 3 Ocean Edge saltmarsh

Ringing details of one of the Oystercatchers seen today

Ring No.FH77064/White AU;Age,1(pullus);Date,21/06/2016; Location,Whitehillocks Farm,
Rottal Estate, Glen Clova, Angus;Grid Ref,NO3667.

This is the first reported sighting since being ringed.