Monday 6 June 2016

Dragonflies get going and Painted Lady trickles in

Heysham Obs
The Canada Goose saga continues.  It does appear that variable numbers are using the skeer off Heysham as a night time roost, presumably from the Lune Estuary.  All very odd as they are usually pretty scarce in the Heysham recording area (thanks Malcolm)

A pair of unseasonal Teal at Middleton:

The following dragonfly pics from Janet at Middleton:

Moth trap
Lychnis new for year

Great Spotted Woodpecker proved breeding for the first time

Heysham Obs
This posting should be for Sunday,  Just found out via a photographic website that GS Wood bred at Heysham NR this year.  Suspected in 2015, when probably failed.  Seems to be right on the 10km square boundary - will need to get the GPS out!