Sunday 19 June 2022

Med numbers continue to grow (or at least more being seen)

WNW wind all day. Again coolish when the sun wasn't shining 

South shore
Pete and Jean checked towards high water in the afternoon:
Mediterranean gulls - At least 6 2cy and a 3cy on heysham outfalls/Red nab pre tide but then flushed and flew south, some over to the Lune Estuary 

I managed a quick look in the morning, but the tide was well out and the gulls were scattered all over the beaches, I didn't find any Meds. (MD)
There are at least 4 juvenile Black-Headed gulls now.
Adult plus juvenile BHG

Rock Pipits - 3 around the lighthouse nest site. The male was sat on guard.
The male is one of four birds in the area with a bad foot.
He prefers to sit like this when there is no "threat" to ward off

But you can see when he does stand, that he is the ringed male

This juvenile was waiting above the nest site

The female turned up with a bill full of small items of food. She landed near the nest site, but when she saw me, flew back to the wall by the scrub. In this clip you can see her peeping while managing to keep hold of her food. Perhaps she was planning to feed the fledged juvenile, but possibly has a second brood in the nest, food items this size are typical for very young chicks (based on previous observations at this site).
Unfortunately, I didn't have time to stay and watch today, you have to move a way towards the waterfall before the female will go to the nest. Hopefully someone will sort it out this week.

Just for a splash of colour, a Red Admiral from the Nature Park. Although not as striking as some, it is quite washed out.
Red Admiral