Saturday 8 July 2023

Hummingbird Hawkmoth number four.......there will have been more!

A variable light, but gusty wing started SSE and ended NW. a heavy shower at lunchtime and an evening thunderstorm.

South shore (MD)
A walk along the wall at lunchtime when the tide was out, hoping to see any insects coming in off. It was overcast (about to rain!) but still warm. The Nature Park was full of Small White and Small Tortoiseshell, as was the scrub between the lighthouse and the waterfall, but there was nothing obviously coming in at that time.
Silver Y were also plentiful, 7 near the lighthouse and this one along the sea wall.
Silver Y moth on the sea wall
They do seem to have been abundant this year, Kevin had another 9 in his trap on Friday

Rock Pipit 1 on Red Nab
Linnet 6 between lighthouse and waterfall 
Female/immature Linnet

Also between the lighthouse and waterfall, this Herring gull was taking apart a crab. It has already despatched the crab and eaten its legs, even so perhaps not a clip for the more sensitive.

Mediterranean gulls  40+ counted by Pete in a quick morning scan 
When I checked they were scattered all over the beaches, just resting not feeding
Two adult and a first summer Mediterranean gull
By this time it was pouring down, which was a shame as the middle bird here has, 
possibly, a three character white darvic ring. If so, it as not been read this year but the
rain made reading it impossible on this visit

It had remained dry all afternoon, but by early evening the skies turned black, it was obviously going to pour down, but I chanced another visit. It was still fine as I reached the saltmarsh 
Wheatear 2 probably 3 near the slipway. Still quite distant and I had about 10 seconds before the heavens opened!

Terrible shots but enough to confirm this quite early movement 
They looked wet, presumably they had been grounded by the incoming storm

By the time I'd stashed my camera, there was no sign of them, I expect they moved onto the saltmarsh. 

Hummingbird Hawkmoth 1 seen by Kevin Eaves on the Buddleia in his garden yesterday evening. That's two of the three regular recorders living in the recording area who have seen one in their garden over the last few days. Presumably many other gardens in the area have also been visited.
Kevin had hoped that it would end up in his overnight trap, but it didn't. Still he had bumper night though, this is his tally for last night.