Tuesday 28 June 2022

More Meds

A SSE wind. Overcast all day with showers starting about lunchtime 

South shore - low water 06:20 (MD)
The tide was still well out when I set of at 07:00. 
Mediterranean gulls minimum 26 possibly as many as 32 - including 6 x 2nd calendar year and 3 x 3rd calendar year 
They were resting in several locations on the shore. On the way out there were 11adult, 3 x 3cy and 3 x 2cy on Red Nab, 5 adult and 2 x 2cy near No.2 outflow and 3 adult and 2 x 2cy near wooden jetty, although there may have been some slight overlap as some of the Red Nab birds moved. 
On my return there were 10 adult and 4 x 2cy near No.2 outflow. I didn't recheck Red Nab (wish I had now!)
These are some the Red Nab birds, sorry about the pause in the middle, but I couldn't decide if one bird had black in its primaries or if it was wrack (it was one of 3cy).

This clip is just to show location of the Meds near No.2 outflow on the way out
On the way back the Meds were more scattered on the beach with the Black-Headed gulls

Rock Pipits - at least one taking food to lighthouse nest

Herring gull chicks on one of the platforms in the harbour

North shore
Janet had a quick around below Heysham Head Cliffs 
Rock Pipit 2
Rock Pipit

Sea Mouse 1?
Not sure about this, the "fur" looks right for a Sea Mouse, but shape 
suggests an urchin, but an urchin has spines, albeit fine ones on some
species. We'll go for Sea Mouse for now, it's such a good name! (MD)

The above has now been relegated from a mouse to a potato (Thanks Angela). I am happy that it is the remains of a Sea Potato (Echinocardium cordatum)