Thursday 12 June 2014

Elusive Marsh Pug eventually located

Records for Wednesday 11th June 2014:
Heysham Obs
Creepy crawly news only today

Heysham NR
Marsh Pug - one found in sweep net almost certainly caught along the bank along the entrance road
Burnet Companion - several

Middleton NR
Wall Brown - one rescued from puddle
Burnet Companion - a few

Many Large Heaths have now emerged and are being released daily on Heysham Moss with the BBC in tow today

Records for Thursday 12th June 2014:
Heysham Obs
CES ringing visit number five completed this morning. One downside of running a CES project is the frightening speed at which the 12 periods pass.  It's a little like counting the summer away and we are already now looking to visit six - half way through!

This morning's catch was typically small, normal for this site.  The majority were recently fledged young of common species but did include single juveniles each of Lesser Whitethroat,  Blackcap and Chiffchaff.

A reasonable catch of 26 species, including the first Blackneck of the year.