Sunday 11 February 2018

Nothing lost nothing gained

Iceland Gull - 3rd W waterfall and area most of day at least
Chough - very easy to see in first field north of half moon bay cafe at least mid-pm and implicitly earlier on (per cafe)
Pale -bellied Brent Goose - Exactly the same place on the skeer as yesterday!
Stonechat -  OE bird seen today
Pochard - at least one Middleton NR

Belated Saturday

NOTE: Heysham Obs report can be obtained from Leighton Moss - ask at reception

Lunchtime and early afternoon quick visit but looked like birder(s) had just beaten me looking at the pager messages.  Dog walker message from yesterday indicated a few people with cameras wandering around the first two fields but 'not seeing anything' so Chough presumably further round

Iceland Gull - 3rd W waterfall from late am to early pm at least
Chough - reported on pager just before seen by me from Near Naze viewpoint in second field early pm
Stonechat - female along beach half moon bay
Pale bellied Brent Goose - two in usual place off childrens play area end of horse fields on skeer near gull roost
Med Gull - ad in above gull collection
Rock Pipit - Near Naze on beach
Pochard - two drakes Middleton
Coot - its back!