Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Dead wet

Heysham Obs
A trawl round revealed:
Med Gull - ad Fishers roof
Tufted Duck - 4 Middleton MP pond
Oystercatcher - one on spit Middleton MB pond
Mallard - 6 MBP, 2 Ocean Edge

....................and a guy on a two-way journey along the Heliport seawall who had absolutely no comprehension about disturbing the wader roost - he "just wanted to walk his dog and hadn't noticed anything else".  Completely displaced were: 4200 Oystercatcher, 1950 Knot, 220 Redshank, 13 Turnstone, two Bar-tailed Godwit and 18 Ringed Plover.  This guy has two Basset Hounds dressed in jackets.  Familiar anyone?

6th January 2014

Heysham Obs

Two year ticks today:
Pintail - flock of four flew out of the bay

Mottled Umber - kicked off the mothing year at Heysham - a single

Bluebottle still HNR office