Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Juv med influx and Treecreeper at last

One of these has a darvic with black letters on a dark background but I just can’t quite read it. Another seen more briefly before it sat down had white lettering on a 'dark' background.  Five in total and 18 Meds altogether on Red Nab.  None of the older birds where the legs were visible (8) appeared to be ringed, so if you are down there, please concentrate on juvs.  Thanks.

Greenshank and summer plum Knot

Ad Little Gull which promptly disappeared!

Shag - 2cy feeding off Throbshaw Point (Heysham Head rocks) at high water.
Rock pipit - still at least three between Half Moon Bay and Heysham Head
Tree creeper - juvenile ringed by HNR office