Friday, 23 October 2020

Reasonable sea watch

Wind started from the south then swung round to SW to WSW, showers eased by the afternoon with some sunny periods.

Pete managed an hour on the north wall in the early afternoon:
Whooper Swan - 30 + 16 +14. The third lot of Whoopers flew up bay crossing to Stone Jetty area, previous two in off over harbour/Ocean Edge.
Razorbill 2
Mediterranean Gull 1 adult

Rock Pipits 2 on south shore

Middleton Nature Reserve - mid afternoon 
Gadwall 23
Shoveller 3 - additional bird female type
Little Grebe - no sign on the "no swimming" pond, but one on Tim Butler pond.
Water Rail 1
Additional Gadwall flying in 

Cetti's warbler - western marsh male singing
A walk along the boundary of golf course found almost nothing, then on the return walk there was at least:
Blackcap - two distant warblers appeared to be this species.
Chiffchaff 3 - one singing, another calling and a third silent but seen.
This Chiffchaff is ringed.
Pete advises that these warblers were likely to be birds that were lagging behind a tit feeding flock.

Thrushes - there were about 30 feeding around the reserve, most near the inaccessible area in the NW corner between Tradebe and the golf course. Mainly Blackbird and Redwing but at least one each Fieldfare and Song Thrush.
The Blackbirds were eating Blackthorn berries (sloes). Quite a beak full!

Insects - it was quite warm when the sun was out, but still no butterflies seen.
Migrant Hawker 4
Common Darter 3

Finally, there was no sign of the solitary cygnet. Then I found it in a tiny pool on the main pond peninsula. The other swans seemed to tolerate it there.
It looks pathetic, and there is little natural food here,
but if it remains it will be fed by the individuals who regularly feed all the mute.