Wednesday 18 September 2013

Varied morning headed by massive Pink-foot movement

Heysham Obs
Quite a bit of stuff around this morning and it should definitely have been a dawn start as there was a good landbird vis window for at least 2.5hrs

Vis mig by the office 0745-0930 on and off
Grey Wagtail - 8 SE (3 out of the 4 over after the net put up were caught and ringed) - how many went over earlier?  A further 2 SE along the seawall whilst at the outfalls
Meadow Pipit - c30 SE
Chaffinch - 5 S
Goldfinch - 4 S
Swallow - 22 Sish

Pinkfeet 0745-1215

Miscellany (several observers)
Bonaparte's Gull - on the pager for H2 outfalls at 0740 (no further info)
Little Gull - adult type
Kittiwake - juv behind IOM ferry
Purple Sandpiper - one seen on the wooden jetty by Jeff
Great Skua & skua spp - a loose flock of three skuas, one definite Bonxie and two all-dark small skuas at about 1000hrs heading out
Gannet - 4 together far offshore
Med Gull - seemed to be much fewer around today, esp 1CY, with just 7 of all ages seen but no low tide observations from by wooden jetty

Reasonable catch for this time of year/cold night with 2 Black Rustic new for the year