Wednesday 12 October 2022

Still here........just about the only thing that is!

The light wind started SSE before swinging round to SW, then WNW by early evening. Rain for much of the day.

South shore
I had a walk this morning (MD). Very little to see.
No Linnet seen, they were almost certainly feeding on the saltmarsh 
Skylark 1 on foreshore moved to saltmarsh 
Rock Pipits 2
Eider 1
And that was about it, not even any Mediterranean gulls feeding on the beach near jetty. It was raining steadily when I reached the harbour and couldn't see anything, but later......

Grey Phalarope several sighting reported in the harbour including Pete, Jean, Rosie and Marrio mid afternoon - watched it along inner edge north wall below the two rusty white silos with petersen written on the side. Up to 1435

This large jellyfish was just below the high water line on the saltmarsh 
Rhizostoma octopus - I've always known them as Medusa Jellyfish, but people seem to be calling them Barrel Jellyfish now. The one below was on the north side beach yesterday, its tentacles upwards, showing  its eight  serpent like stubby tentacles which lead to both its latin name and the medusa reference. I'm sure there will be a sting in the tentacles, but they are short and easily avoided. 
Rhizostoma octopus - Barrel Jellyfish 
(They will always be Medusa Jellyfish to me (MD))

Talking of barrels, I'm just about to scrape the bottom of one! Next up......Seaweed!

This shot is also from yesterday, I took it to remind me that the recent storms have stripped much of the sea lettuce and gut weed from the more exposed shore. The Brent Geese will be returning shortly, if return they do. This is the corner of the skear that they normally favour.
There are still small patches of sea lettuce, but not enough to sustain them for long. There is gutweed on the closer in rocks, but again nothing that looks overly enticing. Hopefully the Brent will return and be more easily pleased.