Tuesday 4 June 2013

Mottled Pug leads the way

Heysham Obs
Scraping the barrel for a headline, you might think, but Mottled Pug is pretty scarce here with under 5, perhaps under 3 previous.

May ringing totals
A bit dire.  Most of the Willow warblers were on one day, but the Lesser Redpolls just dribbled on and on as at many other sites.  Unfortunately a promising further catch of a flock of twelve was thwarted by a rat trying to the access the nyger feeder and spooking them!  Blackcap numbers this spring have been particularly dire.  Note the very late Goldcrest and unexpected 5 unringed Dunnock & Bullfinch.  Birds ringed elsewhere comprised 3 Lesser Redpoll (plus a cagebird from Chelmsford), two Sedge Warbler, single Chaffinch and Reed Warbler

Lesser Redpoll (53), Willow Warbler (26), Sedge Warbler (22), Whitethroat (16), Bullfinch (5), Chiffchaff (5), Dunnock (5), Chaffinch (4), Reed Bunting (4), Blackbird (3), Song Thrush (3), Lesser Whitethroat (3), Wren (2), Reed Warbler (2), Blackcap (2), Grasshopper Warbler (2), Spotted Flycatcher (2), Robin (2), Goldfinch (2), Long-tailed Tit (1), Blue Tit (1), Great Tit (1), Goldcrest (1), Garden Warbler (1).

Mother Shipton (3+) and Burnet Companion (2) together on 'plateau' - probably many others

Mottled Pug and Common Pug the only content of  the trap