Saturday 24 December 2022

A day to enjoy the everyday

A bright start but clouded over and a light shower in the afternoon. The south to SSE wind freshening throughout the day.

Just my stuff so far, and as yesterday, there was plenty to see but little new. It's still nice to see though. I normally pre-size my pictures so that they look reasonable on the post without having to open them, unfortunately they do lose some definition. Today I haven't pre-sized any, there is some nice plumage detail on some of them, but you will need to open the images if you want to check it out (MD)

Red Nab to saltmarsh 2 hours before morning high water
Pink-Footed goose - again a steady passage north starting around 08:00 (over my house). But these 4 were heading south at 10:30
Pink-Footed geese

Wigeon 100+ around Red Nab, many later made their way to the saltmarsh.

Male Wigeon
Common Snipe 2
Rock Pipit 3 (Red Nab, foreshore and saltmarsh)
Saltmarsh Rock Pipit

Foreshore Rock Pipit

Reed Bunting 4
Male Reed Bunting 

Redshank flying along the foreshore after leaving Red Nab

Weasel - one was hunting along the foreshore. I've never seen one here before, presumably movement as  a result of the recent cold weather. It seems to have been in the wars, with a scar over its nose and a raggedy ear.


Middleton Nature Reserve 
Just the daily (at this time of year) brief check of the two main ponds.
Mute, Mallard and Moorhen unchanged 
Gadwall 21
Wigeon 2 - this pair do seem to be in association with the Gadwall
Teal 6
Tufted Duck 2 male - one on each pond
Grey Heron 1

This clip focuses on the Wigeon pair but there are also Gadwall and a female Teal.

An immaculately groomed pair of Gadwall

This female Gadwall seemed to be having a "bad hair" day

This Heron was stalking the reed beds. These were almost completely covered when the water and ice were at their peak. Possibly it is searching for creatures that succumbed to the cold.

Pale-bellied Brent goose 3 seen in passing out from the children's play area on the afternoon ebbing tide.

I hope everyone has a very nice Christmas