Thursday 3 February 2022

A bit of a bill problem

SW wind, largely overcast with a few sunny spells.

North shore:
Howard couldn't find any new ringed Knot on the Heliport today, so had a look at Sandylands groyne (seen from the recording area)
Mediterranean gull 1 adult - the face pattern looks like the regular lamppost bird, but as Howard points out, this bird has its bill tips crossed, best seen in the last image (if you open it).

Mediterranean gull with an apparent slight problem with its bill tips
I've just had another look at my last shot of the lamppost Med, it does appear
to have this same misalignment, although I had put that down to a poor shot (MD)

Kevin Singleton was also in the same area today and took this nice in flight shot, when you know to look you can see the same misalignment of the bill tips (again you will have to open image to see it)

Skylark 1 over near the children's play area

Curlew rooting on Heliport also from Kevin

South shore - mid morning
Wigeon 300 in the channels either side of No.2 outflow, waiting to get to Red Nab. 300 is the result of a count, not an estimate.
Shelduck 15
It was too early for the Brents to arrive at Red Nab.
Rock Pipit 3 - a very agitated Red Nab bird plus the ringed lighthouse male and waterfall bird displaying.
Shag 1 juvenile flew out of the harbour 

The Walney ringed 2nd calendar year Great Black-Backed gull is still in the harbour,
but no sign of the colour ringed Herring gulls

Middleton Nature Reserve 
A short walk around mid afternoon.
Mute 8 adult plus 9 x 2nd calendar year
Greylag goose 1 - it was not going with the flow, as the Mute and Mallard headed towards someone arriving at the feeding area, it went the other way.
Mallard 16
Gadwall 37
Wigeon 2 (pair)
Shoveler 4 - 2 female plus two males, one not quite in full breeding plumage. This is it, although its plumage is also soiled by what looks to be muddy weed (not a good look!)

Tufted Duck 3 males - I like this clip, you can tell the ducks are feeding on the pond bottom, by the bubbles they release, but I wasn't expecting such a synchronised surfacing!
Moorhen 14
Coot 1
Little grebe 1 trilling
Water Rail 1 squealing
Common Snipe 2 - I was expecting more, see yesterday's comments ref spring tides
Pheasant 3 at least

Roe Deer - none seen, but fresh tracks in several locations 

Jackdaw 50 milling around when I left at 16:00.