Sunday, 8 November 2020

A dull day

Still gentle easterlies, low cloud all day, often accompanied by light rain, meant that it never really seemed to get light.

Just my stuff so far, hopefully more to come (MD)

Middleton Nature Reserve - mid morning
Mute 2+1+1 adult 3+1 juvenile 
Coot 6
Moorhen 9
Gadwall 12
Shoveller 1 male
Little Grebe 2
Water Rail 3

Cetti's warbler 2 singing
Chiffchaff 1 calling

Still plenty of Blackbirds feeding but only 3 Redwing seen.

At 10:45 three swan flew low and straight, from the north over the west side of the reserve, to the south. I was expecting them to be Whooper, but they turned out to be 1 adult plus 2 juvenile Mute swans, definitely not any of the resident birds.
Then, just two minutes later 4 more swans followed exactly the same line and height, but this time they were Whooper swans.
It was just after the tide had turned, possibly a factor or just coincidence.
Whooper swans

Heysham Nature Reserve - mid afternoon 
Eventually located a mixed tit feeding flock, with at least one warbler in tow - probably a Chiffchaff.
"Goldcrest" heard a couple of times/locations. I say Goldcrest, but didn't manage to see any to confirm species.