Sunday, 15 November 2009

Woodpigeons at last!

We have recently lost a key vis migger and how we have suffered during this late autumn as (upland survey) work prioritised for the remainder of us on the dwindling number of suitable mornings. Fortunately Brian Yorke has nicely dovetailed with the unavailability at Caton Moor and Heysham and provided a good daily baseline of excellent counts from Hutton Roof to add to the partial-coverage 'cameos' from the rest of the sites. Fortunately Malcolm was out and about this morning and at last allowed us to make a contribution to the Woodpigeon conundrum e.g. why do our movements largely take place AFTER the main departure over Portland etc. of birds obviously migrating to the continent? Look at the thread on the LDBWS site and the various national vis mig sites (see Links, then they will give other Links!)

Middleton IE
Pink footed Goose - between 08.45 & 09.10 - 84(N), 33(S), 148(N), 160, 280, 320 (all N).
Wood Pigeon - 11, 8, 76, 6, 59 & 36 (all S)
Snipe - 1 plus 11 landed, 16 S.
Mute Swan - 2 plus 3 east
Coot - 4
Moorhen - 2
Little Grebe - 8
Tufted Duck - 1
Pochard - 1 M
Goldeneye - 1 M
Teal - 17
Mallard - 7

Ocean Edge
Jack Snipe - 1

Red Nab
Wigeon - 61

(thanks to Malcolm for the above)

3 Great White Egret Leighton Moss. Slavonian Grebe Pine Lake. Black Redstart Cockersands