Thursday, 5 November 2020

Good coverage, and a decent selection

Very light breeze, just about from the west. Largely overcast with some light drizzle.

Coverage today from PM, JR, AD, KE and MD

Middleton Nature Reserve 
Early morning ringing and visible migration report from Alan:

There were very few birds around and the total was made up partly by birds attracted to the recently installed feeder.  A flock of 22 Long tailed Tits was roaming the reserve but none was caught.

Birds trapped were:

Wren 1+1R

Robin 1

Blackbird 2+1R

Redwing 1

Blue Tit 3+6R

Great Tit 1+2R

Chaffinch 1R

Reed Bunting 1

There were a number of blackbirds around on the reserve and ones and twos of thrushes flying generally eastwards.

Two large flocks of around 700 each of Pink footed Geese flew northwards.  One at 07.30 over the reserve and the other at 08.00 was far to the east.

Ducks on "no swimming" pond

Gadwall 19

Shoveller 6

Tufted 1 partially eclipsed male - new in

male Shoveller plus the Tufted

North shore

Great Crested Grebe 8 around skeer channels plus 3 nearer the Stone Jetty

Eider 91 around skeer channels plus 52 nearer the Stone Jetty

Diving duck spp, probably a Scoter, Kent channel 

Red-Breasted Merganser 10

Shag 1 juvenile feeding on the flood tide on the south side of the skeer

This picture taken an hour after low water

Knot c1,000 on skeer, later 1,300 on heliport wall, including 1 Dutch ringed bird which avoided being read.

Rock Pipit 2/3 on Heysham Head Cliffs

Meadow Pipits 2 as above

Grey seal 2

South Shore - high water

Rock Pipit 3

Sandwich Tern 1 juvenile - this bird is very hit and miss. Possibly, as Kevin saw it take two small fish from No.2 outflow in as many minutes, it quickly finds its food, then roosts for a while. It was also seen flying along the south wall as far as the wooden jetty before returning.

These excellent pictures from Kevin

The local BHGs don't take kindly to having their fish nicked!