Thursday 8 October 2020

Large Reed Bunting passage plus Black Redstart

 A cold clear start after overnight rain. The wind ENE to NE all morning. Then drifted around to NW by lunchtime. Dry with long sunny spells.

Middleton Nature Reserve (PM. JR)
Visible migration 

 450 pink feet

30 Redwing

5 song Thrush

8 Blackbird

1 grey wagtail

16 linnet

c40 Reed Bunting - this is more than the total autumn passage count in some years

10 Snipe

8 meadow pipit

2 Swallow

24 Skylark

I siskin

2 lesser redpoll

1 chaffinch

5 alba Wagtail

2 Dunnock.  

Grounded included 10 Goldcrest and two Blackcap


Goldcrest 9

Blue Tit 8 new, 4 retraps

Reed Bunting 7

Blackcap 2

Wren 1 new 1 retrap

Dunnock 1

Robin 1

Lesser Redpoll 1

Great Tit 1

Bullfinch 1

Pied Wagtail 1

Meadow Pipit 1

Long-tIled Tit1.

Power Station non operational land

Black Redstart 1 female/ juvenile located by Reuben 

Unlikely to be seen from public access but possibly visible from the perimeter fence along the dog walk track running from Heysham NR to near Ocean Edge

No reports received so far for the Yellow- Browed Warbler

North shore - mid morning (MD)

Rock Pipits only two were located (there were 6 on Sunday)

Meadow Pipit 4 grounded

Great Crested Grebe 2 ( still partial summer plumage)

Grey Plover - just 1 juvenile, they are not as common  on the north shore.

South shore - early afternoon (KE. MD)

Wheatear 1

Rock Pipit none seen or heard

Ringed Plover 24

Dunlin 10

The Dunlin were again feeding on tiny molluscs 

Shelduck flying into the sun.
The upper bird didn't have time to finish lunch!