Friday 6 August 2021

Plenty of wind blown sea birds, plus Med numbers continue to increase

A fresh south wind quickly strengthened and shifted to SW, ending up being a strong wind. Heavy and prolonged showers in the morning became lighter and less frequent after lunch.

By lunchtime there was plenty of wind blown birds along the mid channel.
Pete checked just as the tide was starting to ebb.
At that time a number of birds were feeding in the mid channel, including:
Gannet 6
Manx Shearwater 1
Sandwich Tern 1
A distant bird was likely to have been a Fulmar

Tipped off by Pete, I checked from the lighthouse 13:30 - 14:30. By that time all the birds were all heading out. NB, these records are only what was spotted with binoculars, there could have been many more further out (MD)
Gannet 14 - from 2nd calendar year to adult
One of the immature Gannets

Immature Gannet next to juvenile Herring/LBB gull

This clip is an adult Gannet with two immature birds (I'm not good at ageing young Gannets).

Manx Shearwater 40 - this clip shows the largest group seen together. Not easy viewing as both the birds and myself were being buffeted, but at least 11 birds involved.

This flock of 30+ dark birds flew out. I could only think Common Scoter, but couldn't really see enough. Scoter are not a species that I am very familiar with, and the last time I thought distant birds were Common Scoter, they turned out to be Pink-Footed geese! These are not geese, but I'll let you decide on the species for yourselves. (MD)

Pete advises that it's looking good for some autumnal Seawatching over the next few days 

Mediterranean gulls 
Pete checked the shore and Red Nab after high water - minimum 19 Meds
Adult Sandwich Tern and a juvenile Mediterranean gull on Red Nab

I checked the beach near the jetty, just as the tide was exposing it. 26 - 19 adult/3cy, 3 x 2/3cy, 5 juvenile. This clip is just some of them, I know it's similar to yesterday's clip, but it is an impressive scene to witness.

 Shaun did a thorough check when the beach was fully exposed, just after low water
41 adult/3cy, 1 2cy and 3 juvs 

So the absolute minimum number of Meds seen today 49 - 41 adult/3cy, 3 x 2/3cy and 5 juvenile