Wednesday 15 November 2023

Little gulls very mobile, but at least six around.

A fresh west wind. Some showers, mainly in the afternoon.

Half Moon Bay (JP)
Lonely looking Rock Pipit 

South shore (MD)
A morning visit on the rising tide and an afternoon one as it was ebbing both provided plenty of interest.
Shelduck 15 in one flock flying south.
Wigeon 161
Janet's shot of some of the Wigeon on Red Nab yesterday 

Little Gull 6 at least - they are very mobile and appear and disappear regularly, you have to think that there are more, but you can only count what you can see. On the way out in the morning there were 2 adult plus 2 1st calendar year on No.2 outflow. On the return leg there was another adult and a 1cy next to No.1 outflow. In the afternoon initially there were none, then an adult showed on No.2 followed by a 1cy. 
This is an adult feeding just below the sloping sea wall next to No.1 outflow.

Rock Pipits 3 - this one was vying with a Turnstone for invertebrates left by the ebbing tide.

Grey seal 1 - This large male looked to be feeding in the full force of No.2 outflow in the afternoon, but perhaps he just fancied a warm bath (little chance of catching anything in this amount of flow, any fish can swim off exceedingly quickly with the flow).

This clip shows the location, plus an added bonus of an adult Little Gull.