Saturday 12 March 2022

The return of the ring

The SE wind continues but not so strong. Showers in the morning with some sun in the afternoon.

No reports as yet from anyone checking the Reserves or the Brent.

First, this picture of a Chiffchaff, is one of Janet's from yesterday. It has caught a small insect, but can't quite tell what it is.
Chiffchaff with an insect 

I had a walk along the south shore this morning, hoping the rain may have grounded some migrants, but if there were any, I missed them 
Shelduck 74 on Red Nab while the tide was low
Wigeon 250+ waiting for the tide to reach Red Nab
Rock Pipit 5 - one each Red Nab, sea wall and waterfall. But the good news is that the two near the lighthouse included the ringed male. 
The breeding ringed male, standing guard over the nest site.
This one bird that Jean managed to ring last year, has helped so much in trying to understand what is going on here. He's not been seen for some time, but there have been up to five birds bickering around the nesting area. It now seems that the female was fending off unwelcome advances from other males.
She seemed pleased at his return, they were both hopping around with their bills open, a posture I've not seen before, presumably reaffirming their bond (MD).
This clip begins with the female strutting around, after she disappears behind the bollard she drops onto the wooden structure below the wall. The bird to the left of the bollard is the ringed male, after a few more hops, he drops down to join her.......I left them to it.......

Shag 1 2nd calendar year - it was on the crossbeams of one of the platforms near the waterfall. This clip starts with the shag then pans out, first to show a cormorant, then the location detail.