Thursday 14 February 2013

Low tide eider morning

Heysham Obs
North harbour wall low tide
Med Gull - one adult
Eider - c140 offshore in two flocks
Red-breasted Merganser - 8 as above
Great-crested grebe - 6 as above
Twite - 102, at least 4 unringed
Linnet - 5
Goldfinch - 2
No obvious sign of Kittiwake H32 which was definitely present yesterday

Off heliport
A mindless mutt was allowed to chase all the subroosting waders off the intertidal next to the heliport - a surprising number for so early in the incoming tide cycle.  The mutt resembled a sheep (white and curly, medium size) and the owner straight off the 118 moustache advert.  Fleeing waders comprised 520 Knot and about 2,500 Oystercatcher - therefore a significant assemblage for this stage of the tide
and all in resting subroost mode.

Office area
Redwing - 1