Saturday 11 November 2023

Same stuff, but better pictures! Plus Scandinavian imports.

Almost no wind, what little air movement there was came predominantly from the east. A nice sunny day.

Heysham Nature Reserve 
Ringing report from Alan:

A Visitor from Norway! John and I set nets today at Heysham after the recent spell of wet and breezy conditions. The finch passage may have tailed off now as fewer were caught. However, we did capture two birds wearing rings from elsewhere. One, a Greenfinch and the other an adult female Chaffinch with a ring from the Norwegian ringing scheme. These more than made up for the lack of numbers. A higher proportion of retrapped individuals than recently was caught:

Dunnock 2 retraps

Robin 1

Blackbird 2 + 1 retrap

Redwing 1

Goldcrest 3 + 2 retraps

Coal Tit 1 +2 retraps

Blue tit 4 + 6 retraps

Great Tit 2 + 2 retraps

Chaffinch 1 Norwegian Recovery

Greenfinch 1 Recovery

Goldfinch 3 + 1 retrap

South shore
Janet walked along the sea wall and had her camera with her this morning. She took some excellent shots of both the rare and everyday. Definitely worth opening these pictures to enjoy the detail.
Arctic Tern 1 juvenile on No.2 outflow

This is a nice sequence of it taking a small whitebait from the outflow. Its bill looks surprisingly long when it is open.

This Black-Headed Gull appears to only have one leg.

But it doesn't affect its feeding ability on the outflows

Eider Flying in, with the wind farm in the distance 

Sparrowhawk, high above the Power Stations

Dunnock, looking particularly striking on Red Nab

I had a walk along the wall mid afternoon (MD)
The juvenile Arctic Tern was still feeding, but now joined by....
Little Gull 2 - 1 first calendar year and a second calendar year.
Second calendar year Little Gull

The younger bird was patrolling up and down like a caged lion (I've removed the sound as there were some noisy visitors passing at this point).

Wigeon 130 - these are just some of them coming in to land in the channel next to No.2 outflow.

Bar-Tailed Godwit 3 - feeding with gusto on the beach next to the wooden jetty.

Wren, also looking striking in the scrub near lighthouse 

The male Great Spotted Woodpecker was showing in the Nature Park again.
They showed regularly all last winter period too, then disappeared during the
breeding season 

Just out of the recording area - Nick Godden via LDBWS webpage.

Heysham Moss from Oxcliffe Road (not the Reserve)

Little egret 11

Cattle egret 1

Curlew 285 

Oystercatcher 43

Redshank 1

Pied wagtail 2

Also from LDBWS webpage - Ian Hartley - White Lund

7 Waxwings about 9:20am, in berry trees around Booker cash and carry.

Also a flock of 8 Cattle Egrets flew over heading south