Friday 8 July 2022

Another ring to be read

NW to west winds, mainly overcast with some hazy sun later in the afternoon 

South shore
I had a look mid morning (MD)
Grey Seal 1 female near No.1 outflow
Rock pipit 1 Red Nab and 1 carrying food near lighthouse 
Mediterranean gulls 14 minimum - there were 5 adult plus 3 x 2nd calendar year feeding along the tideline on beach next to wooden jetty. It seems at the moment, they can only catch the Sandmason worms when they are underwater. Hopefully that will change and allow them to feed all over the beach. 2 x 2cy feeding on the seaward end of No.1 outflow may have been duplication.
These are today's birds on the waterline 

Pete checked later from Ocean Edge and managed 14. Most in the outer SW corner of Red Nab and the seaward end of No.1 outflow, but not including any that may still have been on the beach next to jetty. One of the Red Nab adults had a yellow darvic ring on right leg, but much too distant to read. Hopefully it will hang around.

Heysham skear - low water 13:20 (MD)
Just a speculative check, I wasn't expecting much, and wasn't disappointed!
Eider 3 females together
Little Egret 3
The only waders were Oystercatcher and Curlew
Still a couple of hundred Herring gulls, but mainly resting or breaking large mussels, as were a handful of Lesser Black-backed gulls.
c20 Black Headed gulls and the regular Mediterranean gull - not quite as raggedy as the last time I saw it, but still not likely to win any grooming competitions!

Black-Headed gull and Mediterranean gull

Middleton Nature Reserve (MD)
I just did a short circuit of the area were Kevin and myself saw the Clouded Yellow yesterday. No sign today but plenty of interest 
Mute Swan 2 + 7 cygnets now on the "no swimming" pond.
Gadwall 1 female with 2 chicks also on "no swimming" pond, but being harassed by the male swan. Fortunately, there is plenty of tree cover over the water to shelter behind.
Mallard 7 male 2 female one with 2 young
Little grebe 3 large juvenile 
Stock Dove 2

Cetti's Warbler - the "no swimming " pond male singing regularly 
Blackcap 1 near lower carpark
Sedge Warbler singing again in the reed bed near main pond peninsula 
Chiffchaff 2
Common Whitethroat 1
No Willow Warbler heard today

Common Darter - everywhere 
Black-Tailed Skimmers  - main pond
Emperor - just one seen

Butterflies in order of abundance 
Meadow Brown 
Large Skipper 
Small Skipper
Small White 3
Summer generation female Small White with particularly pronounced wing "spots"

Not bad for a 10 minute circuit!