Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Late quality migrant trickle

Heysham Obs
Some decent birds this morning on a dawn(ish) to late morning visit with mist nets in the office area

Office area 0745-1200
Snow Bunting - 1 south-south east at 1005 with 2 Meadow Pipit - suspect they were flushed from the mound area on the north wall (didnt walk it this morning!)
Tree Sparrow - one by the feeders early morning
Waxwing - heard distantly in flight to the north at about 0845hrs but trees in the way of any visual contact - no sign on the very few berries left in the power station area
Info later received of 5 nearby, feeding in a rowan tree for a short time, at 1145hrs (N end of Kingsway) - treat as presumably the same? (thanks Doreen)
Skylark - c10 SE (not all seen). 
Rock Pipit - one flew north 0800hrs
Greenfinch - all nine of the birds caught were unringed!
Tit spp. - in contrast, all those trapped were already ringed, including three consecutively ringed Long-tailed Tit obviously staying together
Thrushes - not surprisingly, no evidence of any new arrivals after a clear moonlit night with only 25 or so Blackbird and 2 Song Thrush seen on the reserve
Robin - unringed bird caught
Dunnock - ditto