Monday 20 June 2016

Swirling seagulls and Manxies in the murk

Heysham Obs
Getting used to having to use left eye wearing glasses for scope work (previously right eye without glasses)!  Todays swirling seagulls and Manxies in the murk were a bit of a challenge.

Outfalls/Red Nab/Ocean Edge
Kittiwake - grotty adult type
Arctic Tern - two adults on seaward end Heysham one outfall as tide turned
Med Gull - just 4 x 2CY but different one from yesterday - could easily have missed one or two, but definitely none of older age classes
Black-headed Gull - c850
Common Gull - c60
Manx Shearwater - gang of 3 distantly out (at last!)
Gannet - two distant adults out

Only 20 minutes spent actually seawatching ie until Manx shearwater appeared!