Tuesday, 21 July 2009

The rain arrives early.............

Heysham Obs
..........knocking a ringing session at Middleton on the head. What a poor month for the ringing effort here after a good start in late June. The problem is that it is wind-prone but the openness is also why it has so many Grasshopper Warblers! An evening trawl round was so unbelievably dire and birdless, we nearly twitched the Giant Hogweed plantation on Heysham Business Park east

Red Nab/Ocean Edge
Dunlin - one juv
Whimbrel - 3
Med Gull - 2 adult & one 2CY (definitely no juvs lurking around in thorough check on the later stages of incoming tide)

Actinic trap at Middleton included: 7 Drinker, 2 Southern Wainscot, 2 Least Yellow Underwing, 7 Pinion-streaked Snout, 1 (early) Bulrush Wainscot, one Straw Underwing and one of the local fleabane-feeding pyralid Ebulea crocealis

The catch in the hut trap included 2 Bordered Beauty, one Dingy Shears, one Poplar Grey (rare here) and topped, as usual, by 13 Straw Underwing. No Large Yellow Underwing in either trap sees a continuation of a welcome poor year for this disruptive species!

Ad Med x 2 Glasson